Lori Ainemer

Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator

Tel: (204) 992-3247
Email: Lori@epflaw.ca

LinkedIn: Lori Ainemer

Lorie Ainemer

Lori came to the practice of family law with a background in social science and understands the complex family dynamics at the time of separation. During her early years in practice, she had the opportunity to represent individual and corporate clients in many areas of the law, including personal injury and general civil litigation and appeared before administrative tribunals and at all court levels of Manitoba. Finding it to be most rewarding, she has restricted her practice exclusively to family law since 1997.

Having seen the negative effects of the litigation experience on families, Lori promotes the resolution of domestic disputes outside of court when possible. She was an original incorporator of Collaborative Practice Manitoba and a forerunner in completing mediation training at the University of Toronto in 1999. She is also a qualified arbitrator. Mediation has proven to be a resolution option that she particularly enjoys as the process allows parties to craft creative agreements that meet the unique needs of their families.

Lori has helped many families transition from a traditional (or nuclear) structure to one that is modular (flexible in structure and arrangement). Her focus is guiding families through the process while facilitating positive communication, thereby maintaining the ability to continue to share the joys and responsibilities of co-parenting in two homes.

Other Pursuits

Lori enjoys the outdoors, gardening, crafts, reading and passing time with friends and loved ones. She is forever in awe of nature and actively seeks out its wonders. 

  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Manitoba, 1984
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Sociology, 1981
  • Collaborative Training, Collaborative Practice Manitoba
  • Mediation, University of Toronto
  • Qualified Arbitrator, ADRIC
  • Domestic Violence Screening
  • Powerful Non-Defensive Communication
  • Manitoba Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Law Society of Manitoba
  • Collaborative Practice Manitoba
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • ADR Institute of Manitoba (Board Member)
  • ADR Institute of Canada
  • Family Arbitration and Mediation Legal Institute (Manitoba)

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