James Pullar

Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator

Tel: (204) 992-3244
Email: James@epflaw.ca

LinkedIn: James Pullar

James Pullar

James has practiced family law since 2008. He shifted his focus exclusively to alternative dispute resolution practices after extensive court system experience. He came to view litigation as a last resort rather than a starting point.

James uses collaborative law and cooperative approaches to help clients navigate a difficult process while avoiding the uncertain outcomes and high financial and emotional costs of going to court. In addition to being a trained arbitrator, James also enjoys the mediator role, acting as a neutral facilitator to help separated couples reach a settlement.

Other pursuits

When James finds a sliver of free time between work and parenting his three children, he enjoys photography, managing a softball team and adding to his substantial record collection.

  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Manitoba, 2007
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Saskatchewan, 2004
  • Certificate of Collaborative Training, Collaborative Practice Manitoba
  • Certificate of Completion – Fundamentals of Family Mediation, Family Mediation Training Canada
  • Certificate of Completion, National Introductory Arbitration Course
  • Domestic Violence Screening
  • Manitoba Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Law Society of Manitoba
  • Collaborative Practice Manitoba
  • Collaborative Professionals of Canada
  • ADR Institute of Canada
  • ADR Institute of Manitoba
  • Family Arbitration and Mediation Legal Institute (Manitoba)

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