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Taking a compassionate and empowering approach to family law since 2003.

Families come to Evans Pollock Family Law for various reasons. Many are facing family restructuring through separation and divorce. Some are navigating the complexities of forming a family through adoption or assisted reproduction. Others are thinking of their future legacy and need assistance with estate planning.

Whatever your reason for seeking legal counsel on a family matter, we are here to help you find the best resolution. Most often, that means everyone involved coming to an agreement on their own terms rather than having the court decide what’s best.

Our legal team is skilled and experienced in alternative dispute resolution options, including collaborative practice, negotiated agreements, mediation, and arbitration. These approaches put you in control of a mutually beneficial solution. We can help you choose the approach that fits best for you and your family.

Our guiding principles

Our clients are at the centre of our practice.

Our clients play an active role in shaping their legal outcomes while we equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make decisions that best serve their unique circumstances.  

We engage from a place of empathy and compassion.

We all face challenging family situations occasionally. Legal issues are human issues, and we recognize the intense turmoil they can cause. 

Creating a safe space without judgment is non-negotiable.

When people feel comfortable expressing their concerns, fears, and hopes, they make better decisions. We strive to create emotional safety by treating our clients with respect and understanding.

Everyone deserves transparency.

We are open and straightforward about our services and their suitability for different circumstances, as well as our fees.

Being open and curious improves our practice.

We value having a learning environment so that we can continually offer our clients various options for resolving family matters. From adopting new technologies to refining processes and approaches, we take pride in being innovative.

Of note

We have been providing out-of-court resolutions for more than 20 years.

All of our lawyers are trained mediators, and four are trained arbitrators.

The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business recognized Evans Pollock Family Law as one of Canada’s top law firms in 2022 and 2024.

Greg Evans, K.C. was the only lawyer in Manitoba listed by Best Lawyers for family arbitration in 2024. He’s been listed for family mediation since 2018.

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At your service

Our exceptional lawyers and administrative personnel are unwavering in their dedication to helping individuals and families find the best legal resolutions to family matters.

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