Crafting mutual solutions

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Tailored legal agreements as unique as your family.

Some situations requiring pre- or post-nuptial, cohabitation or separation agreements can be resolved without a full collaborative law process.  We can help you design a process that still allows you to stay out of court while achieving your goals via a negotiated agreement.

How negotiated agreements work

  • Negotiated agreements can involve various processes but usually include either “kitchen table” agreements or negotiated agreements between counsel.
  • In a kitchen table process, you and your partner will work out an agreement between yourselves with support from us. Once you’ve settled the terms, we will draft your agreement. 
  • If you and your partner have difficulty speaking to each other, an agreement negotiated between your independent legal counsel is an option.
  • You will meet with your lawyer to discuss your situation, and they will convey your wishes to your partner through their legal counsel. Once the details are resolved, we will draft your separation agreement. 

Is a negotiated agreement right for you?

Negotiated agreements work well under the following conditions:

  • Even though you might not agree on everything, all parties involved are willing to work together to come to a resolution that works best for your family.
  • You want to maximize your privacy by staying out of court.
  • You want to minimize your legal expenses with an efficient process.
  • You want control over the outcome of your family circumstances.
  • You want to avoid the delays and scheduling associated with the court process.

Think a negotiated agreement is the right choice?

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